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Democrat Lies Of The Week

The rhetoric and outright lies by Democrats has gotten so egregious I feel like we have start calling them out at every turn. Just about everything that comes out of their mouths is untrue. So where do we begin? I would have to say the biggest lie of the past week is Press Secretary Jen…

Stop It Already!

The CDC finally decided that it was okay for vaccinated individuals to remove the masks both indoors and outside. Of course, any American with an inkling of common sense knew that it was safe months ago. I think the Biden administration finally woke up and realized Americans were getting restless and fighting back as more…

It’s Time!

Georgia mom, Courtney Anne Taylor gave an impassioned, powerful speech to her children’s school board earlier this month. This message is fantastic! And she is 100% correct. It’s time to get the children out of masks. COVID-19 has been proven to have little to no effect on young children. In fact, children don’t spread the…

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