Are Democrats Really Helping Underprivileged Communities?

In looking at their policies, I think the answer is a resounding… No! Policies like open borders, $15-dollar minimum wage and school lockdowns do nothing but hurt those that the Democrats claim to support.

Open Borders

The Biden Administration has essentially rolled out the welcome mat for migrants from Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala and other Central American countries. People are coming in droves. This year alone, 117,000 unaccompanied minors are expected to cross the southern border in 2021. The message from this administration is basically this: “If you come with a child or are an unaccompanied minor, you’ll get free passage to the United States.” Obama’s Catch and Release is alive and well once again, thanks to Joe Biden. I’m all for helping people, but to what end. What affect does that have on under privileged Americans? If we don’t follow and enforce the laws you create bigger problems, in this case, a humanitarian crisis. You also disenfranchise and ultimately hurt those you claim to be protecting. Open Borders is terribly destructive to these underprivileged, mostly inner-city communities, for a myriad of different reasons.

Many of these inner-city communities wind up being the landing spot for these migrants. The migrants aren’t moving to up-state NY, Sonoma California, the rolling hills of Virginia or the mountains of Colorado. They’re moving to the inner-city, disadvantaged communities. What does that do to the Americans already living in those communities? Both adults trying to support their families and teenagers trying to get their 1st jobs, now have to compete with migrants for those jobs. Children in these communities now have to compete with migrant children in schools. The schools will become overcrowded and underfunded. Children lose resources and get less individual attention from teachers. As a result, their chance of success diminishes.

School Lockdowns

School Lockdowns are another problem. Biden has sold out America’s youth to the Teacher’s Unions. It’s a significant detriment to all children, especially in underprivileged areas. Parents, many of which happen to be single parents, can’t work to support their families. On the other side of that, you have parents that continue to work, only to leave their children unattended all day long. Are these children responsible enough to attend online classes all day, without supervision? Are these teachers really educating these students? What if they don’t have access to the internet? These are real obstacles to learning all over the country, but more so in the disadvantaged communities.

$15 Minimum Wage

What affect will a $15 per hour minimum wage have on these communities? To start, the $15 minimum wage would kill 1.4 million jobs. Many of these jobs are the lower paying jobs that many in the disadvantaged communities currently hold. It would only lift 900,000 out of poverty. I wouldn’t call that a good trade. Many small businesses owned by individuals in these areas would be forced to close their doors. You would see a massive transition to automated technology to make up for the loss of human labor. Prices would skyrocket. Small businesses would not be able to compete with big business, and people lose their jobs. Those who didn’t lose their jobs would then start calling for a $20 minimum wage, as $15 wouldn’t cover expenses after inflation. Trump proved that lower regulation and lower taxes creates jobs. We had record low unemployment under Trump. There were more jobs than people looking for work. Wages were growing at a record pace. Poverty hit a 50-year, record low. Income inequality was steadily declining. The best way to help underprivileged workers is to let the market raise wages on its own.

There are other Democrat policies that would adversely affect those living in disadvantaged communities, i.e. higher taxes, New Green Deal, defunding the police, etc. The fact is, the Democrats tell people that these policies will help disadvantaged individuals. But the reality is that they crush these communities over time. Democrats know this. They just don’t care. It’s all one big “bait and switch” scheme by Democrats, just to get votes.

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