Swing And A Miss!

As if agonizingly slow play, woke athletes and a poor product on the field weren’t enough, MLB gives us one more reason not to watch. MLB is the latest company to succumb to the pressure from the woke, far left and institute its own brand of cancel culture. They have bought into the lie that the new Georgia voting laws are racist and suppressive. Now they mush had down a “punishment” by removing the MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta, GA. It’s a show. It’s fake outrage. It’s posturing. It’s not about Georgia. What MLB is really trying to do is send a message to other states that might be thinking of tightening up their voting laws. They know that the Democrat party is the party of Big Business, Big Tech and the wealthy. And getting as many Democrat votes, even illegal votes is a necessity to maintain power over Americans and the politicians that “represent” them.

At a time when the country is so divided, is it really a smart play to alienate half of your audience? Probably not. But, if we’ve learned anything over the past 5 years, it’s that liberalism is a disease. And once it takes hold, it’s hard to cure.

MLB TV ratings plummeted 11% in 2020. Sure, maybe it had something to do with the shortened season, lack of fans in the stands and COVID-19 as a whole. Maybe it was just bad baseball, like with my home team, the Boston Red Sox. They were absolutely atrocious and saw a 58% decline. But maybe, just maybe there were fans like me that are sick of woke athletes ruining the game and trying to shove politics in my face at a time when I tune in for the sole purpose of stepping away from the world outside, for a little entertainment.

As long as companies like MLB, the NBA, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Amazon, Delta, etc. keep pushing politics in an effort to control the behaviors of the American people, they’re going to lose money. Is it going to be enough to break them? No, of course not. They’re too big. However, it could put a good dent in their bottom line if enough of us band together and stop watching or buying their products. I didn’t watch a single NBA or MLB game in 2020. I won’t watch a single game this year. I won’t be visiting Fenway Park this year, even if COVID restrictions are fully lifted. During the 2017 NFL season, I didn’t watch the first 8 games. I won’t fly Delta. I’ve only made 2 Amazon purchases since they dropped the Parler Social Media Platform. And I won’t ever drink another Coke product.

Don’t forget, these companies have to answer to shareholders. Major sports organizations like the NBA, MLB and the NFL have to answer to team owners. When shareholders start losing money on their investments as revenues and stock prices fall, and team owners start losing TV dollars, ticket, concession and apparel sales, someone is going to have to answer for it. It might be the CEO. It might the entire Board of Directors. What do you tell your investors and owners when you have to explain why their stock values declined? What do you tell team owners who can’t get fans in the stands?

All in all, these companies are really just a bunch of woke, leftist, hypocritical cowards. They want to punish Georgia to send a message. The reality is, 38 other states have just as stringent or more strict voting laws than Georgia. Obviously, these states must be racist and suppressing the minority vote by requiring some form of voter ID. But they can’t stop doing business in all of these states. It would crush them. What they will do is make an example of Georgia, thinking it might quell the idea that any other state might have in fortifying their election integrity. It’s OK that Coca-Cola requires its shareholders to produce an ID to attend the annual shareholders meeting. It’s OK that I have to show an ID to get on one of Delta’s airplanes. It’s OK that I have to produce an ID to pick up my MLB, NBA or NFL tickets at the ticket window. Their own policies and procedures, by their own definition, are in fact racist and suppressive. But since it doesn’t affect their chances of electing bought and paid for politicians, it’s all good.

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