Enemies of the State

The Project Veritas video is very compelling, though not really a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention over the past 5 years. CNN Director Charlie Chester unknowingly admitted that CNN is really just an arm of the liberal left and purveyor of propaganda, particularly when it comes to President Trump.

Click to watch the video

However, it’s not just CNN. It’s the Mainstream Media as a whole, along with Big Tech, Print Media and woke Corporations. 95% of the news coverage about Trump, by ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and the New York Times was negative, leading up to the 2020 election. Google was systematically adjusting their search engine to put negative and often false, anti-Trump stories at the top of the search feed. Facebook and Twitter were and still are banning conservative points of view. They continue to remove fact-based evidence with regard to COVID-19, Climate Change and anything that mentions Election Fraud. Woke Corporations continue to reiterate lies from the MSM and the Biden administration about voting laws and free, fair elections.

With regard to the Project Veritas video, it’s not the anti-Trump propaganda that alarms me. Anyone with any common sense knows the Trump coverage was exactly the same “fake News” that we’ve come to expect from them. But it doesn’t end with Trump. Next in the queue, according to Charlie Chester is Climate Change. They are going to start pushing the far-left, Climate Change conspiracies to elicit a desired, divisive and destructive outcome. This is what you see in communist countries. And anyone who doesn’t know better will believe it. Where does it end? What’s after Climate Change? What is the end game?

 If we aren’t able to reign in these communist media outlets, it will inevitably result in the loss of life. It already has, many respects. Look at the racial division propagated by the left and the media. This has stoked racial tensions, riots and property destruction. Police lives are being taken at a record pace. At some point it will make it to the global stage, more so than it already has. Is it going to lead to attacks against the United States? What about attacks on other countries? Will it put the American military in harm’s way? Will we end up in another senseless war because the MSM Propaganda machine? Could we end up in a civil war? These are real questions. The Press and Big Tech have truly become the enemy of the people.

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