Hey Maxine… Shut Your Mouth!

I’ve never seen Maxine Waters as having a superior intellect. In fact, I think she is one of the dumbest representatives in Congress. The past few days has done nothing to change my mind. Last week, she told Representative Jim Jordan to “Shut your mouth” during a subcommittee hearing on COVID-19, after he challenged Lord Dr. Fauci on when Americans would get their liberties back. Well, if that wasn’t bad enough, she promptly followed that up by inciting violence in the midst of the Derrick Chauvin trial.

Putting the lack of professionalism, procedure and decorum aside, imagine if the roles had been reversed. Can you imagine the racial outrage that we would be experiencing if Jim Jordan, a white male had told Maxine Waters, an African American to “shut her mouth”? It would be on every “news” outlet. We’d be getting another history lesson on slavery, white supremacy and the Women’s Liberation Movement. And Jim Jordan would be facing expulsion from the subcommittee and likely congress.

Now, she’s put herself right in the middle of the Derrick Chauvin trial. As if the trial wasn’t already unfair by most standards, due to the fact that it is being held in Minneapolis, which was the scene of riots and violence. It was the biggest news story outside of COVID-19 in 2020. There is no way to get an impartial jury. Maxine Waters had to go and run her mouth to protesters stating (among other things) “’We’ve got to stay on the street and we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational.” This was in response to seeing anything less than a 1st degree murder conviction. Now the Judge is rightfully calling her out for her reckless and reprehensible comments. She’s tainted an already, possibly unfair trial.

Outside of inciting riots and mob violence, which is a crime in itself, she has put pressure on every juror in this case. T some point, the names of the jurors will be released. Any juror worried about their neighborhood being destroyed by protestors, or being confronted at home or out in public is possibly going to vote to return the verdict that the mob wants, not necessarily the right one. She essentially threatened and intimidated the jury, thereby committing another crime. It’s not right. Though Judge Cahill, presiding over the case, wasn’t going to be the on to allow the motion to dismiss or call a mistrial, he did admit that her statements could “result in the whole trial being overturned” upon appeal. This was incredibly irresponsible by Waters.

Two things should, but won’t happen:

  1. She should be expelled from Congress. Inciting violence is a crime. And, as we found out, it’s an impeachable offense. If president Trump can be impeached for telling people to “peacefully and patriotically” protest, Maxine should be removed from Congress to telling people to confront in the streets.
  2. Maxine Waters should also be arrested. She has repeatedly used rhetoric that promotes and incited violence. And now you can add jury tampering and intimidation to the list of crimes she’s committed. Any one of us would at the very least, paying some hefty fines if not spending time behind bars for doing the same.

 Obviously, with the two-tiered justice system in this country, she’ll come through this unscathed and likely get little more than a mention, if anything, by the Mainstream Media. But Maxine once again made her case for the dumbest member of Congress, though Mazie Hirono may very well hold that title. Will Maxine Waters ever be able to keep her mouth shut? Probably not. Not unless the DOJ or Congress finds the intestinal fortitude hold her to account.

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