It’s Time!

Georgia mom, Courtney Anne Taylor gave an impassioned, powerful speech to her children’s school board earlier this month. This message is fantastic! And she is 100% correct. It’s time to get the children out of masks. COVID-19 has been proven to have little to no effect on young children. In fact, children don’t spread the virus proficiently either. Yet, schools (the ones that are open and not at the mercy of the teachers’ unions), are still requiring children to wear masks for 6-7 hours per day, inside and outside. Airlines like Spirit are kicking 2-year-old children off their airplanes for not wearing masks. It’s not only unnecessary, it’s complete insanity.

Courtney Ann Taylor gives it to her child’s school board

But It’s not only time to get the masks off children. It’s time for every willing individual to remove the mask. It’s time to allow Americans the freedom to choose. Just about every American that wants to be vaccinated, now has that ability. There is no reason (if you follow the science) to keep going on with the charade that masks are going to save us all. Those states that have ditched the mask mandates and seen their cases decline, are proving that masks and lockdowns are not the answer. Let the people make the decision that’s best for them and their own health.

Though I work from home, my company has encouraged us to get the vaccine. I’ve chosen to be part of the solution and elected to get vaccinated. It will allow me to get back to the office if I choose, and allow me to visit my clients in person. However, this is a one-time deal. I’m not getting a “booster” shot in the fall. I’m not getting this vaccine again. And I sure as hell won’t be forced to carry a “vaccine passport.”

Just about everyone has a breaking point. It’s been more than a year. I’ve reached mine. And I think a lot of other people have reached theirs, or soon will. I get my 2nd vaccine shot in less than 2 weeks. My line in the sand is Memorial Day. Then the mask comes off. “My body. My choice.” It’s time to stand up. I’m going to seek out those businesses that are mask optional. If I have to visit places that still want to enforce the use of masks, I’m going to push the envelope. I’m not going to cause a problem. But I’m not putting on the mask until told to do so. It’s time to send a message. If we don’t stand together and take control of the situation, government bureaucrats and frauds like Lord Fraud Fauci will continue to rule every aspect of our public lives.

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  1. I 100% agree with “It’s Time”. Obviously I have to follow the rules of my job and I have also been vaccinated. My line in the sand is Independence Day. I feel that it is a significant day showing that my right for my freedom to choose should be shown by myself as a statement. Masks were worn to protect others, not ourselves. If we were protecting ourselves we would all be wearing N95 fitted masks. So I feel that I have done my part to wear a mask that protects others around me from my water droplets that could carry something. I get it trust me, I have always been a social distance type of person throughout the years, but I have done my part. So at this point, people need to take responsibility for themselves by either receiving the vaccine or choosing not to and letting others live their lives as they choose. There may be situations where I want to wear a mask and that’s something people can do for the rest of their lives if they want to, no one is stopping them, but its time to let us choose for ourselves.

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