Stop It Already!

The CDC finally decided that it was okay for vaccinated individuals to remove the masks both indoors and outside. Of course, any American with an inkling of common sense knew that it was safe months ago. I think the Biden administration finally woke up and realized Americans were getting restless and fighting back as more and more town halls, school board meetings and business interactions were seeing confrontational dissent. I also think the Biden Administration needed a distraction from the mounting number crises that they have created and are dealing with. Whatever the reason, it’s about time and long overdue. Nonetheless, there are still a number of businesses requiring patrons to wear the mask.

Up here, in the northeast, places like Market Basket, Supercuts, and Rite Aid are still enforcing the mask mandate. I guess these businesses just haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe they will when they start seeing their bottom line shrink as people begin to frequent places that don’t require the mask.

What’s worse, is many of these places still have arrows on the floors telling you how you can move around the store and which direction you are supposed to move up and down the aisles. What a farce!

  1. This keeps patrons inside the store longer than they normally would be as they navigate around the store to get to the items they need.
  2. To move the right direction, patrons have to go up and down aisles they normally wouldn’t go down, coming in contact with people they wouldn’t have had to if allowed to go up an aisle and grab what they needed.

Did this solve anything with regards to COVID? Hell no! The idiots in the think tank of these businesses just made it worse. Of course, it’s by design. They want you to stay in the store longer to get you to spend more money.

I thought the purpose of getting the vaccine was so we could take off the mask and get back to normal. These morons in the Whitehouse and on CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the Mainstream Media, trying to pit the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, are once again playing identity politics; promoting this garbage about honor system and who has been or hasn’t been vaccinate. It’s all a lie. If I’m vaccinated, why do I care if the person next to hasn’t been vaccinated? The truth is, I don’t. That’s why I got the Vaccine! Assuming the vaccine works as well as advertised:

  1. A vaccinated person can’t spread the virus to another vaccinated or unvaccinated person.
  2. A vaccinated person is extremely unlikely to catch the virus, period. And, if they were to get it, the symptoms should be minimal, and certainly not fatal.

Those who have not been vaccinated made a choice and I respect and applaud their decision. They know the risk in choosing not to be vaccinated. It sounds pretty simple to me.

Democrats and the Biden Administration are losing control. “Following the science” is no longer applicable as it doesn’t support their narrative. They’ve gone back to the well and decided their best play is identity politics. Once again, dividing the country, not by race, religion or sexuality, but by vaccinated and unvaccinated is their solution. Don’t buy into the lies. The Biden Administration, Big Tech, CDC, Mainstream Media and communist-run businesses can take their mask recommendations and shove them right up the old caboose. My mask is off.

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