“What Would You Have Me Cut?”

Well Joe, since you asked…. Let’s start with the $135 million allocated to the National Endowment of the Humanities and $200 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services. While you’re at it, I think we can hold off on the $10 million for the “preservation and maintenance of Native American languages”, just a thought.

I’m also not sure that we need $50 million for family planning, including abortions. I don’t think we really need to give the CDC $500 million to surveille and analyze public health data. They probably don’t 750 million for Control and Prevention of global disease threats, either. I thought we paid the World Health Organization for that. Or was it to be China’s mouthpiece? But I digress. The truth is the CDC hasn’t exactly been overwhelming with their response to this “Pandemic”.

Does the Department of Education need an additional 130 billion to respond to the Coronavirus? Aren’t they still sitting on 64 billion from prior relief bills, including the CARES Act? Since kids aren’t in school and teachers don’t want to teach, we should be able to save boatloads of money on education. Maybe you should allocate this money to the families that have had to homeschool their children throughout this entire ordeal. I don’t think the school systems in places like California, New York, Illinois and other Democrat strongholds refusing to get the kids back to school, deserve anymore funds.

Do the Airlines really need a $15 billion dollar bailout? And, maybe we should also save infrastructure projects like the 1.5-million-dollar bridge to Canada, from New York and Nancy Pelosi’s 140-million-dollar tunnel in San Francisco, for a more appropriate time.

I can’t say I really want to give the State Government’s nearly 195 billion to use at their discretion. Bailing out states like New York (12.7 Billion) and California (40 billion) is not the responsibility of the American taxpayer. Those of us who paid attention in Economics class are responsible enough to manage a budget, shouldn’t be left holding the proverbial “bag” for states that refuse to engage in fiscal responsibility. They aren’t going to change and will be right back here in 10 years, looking for another handout. There is no end game.

Lastly, jamming a $15 per hour minimum wage down American’s throats, destroying small business and eliminating 1.4 million American jobs isn’t exactly what I would classify as rescue or relief.

This bill is exactly what House Republican are calling it, “A Liberal Wishlist”. It has very little to due with COVID-19 relief. In fact, only 9% of this 1.9 Trillion-dollar package goes toward combating the virus. Only about 900 Billion dollars has anything related to combatting the virus or helping struggling Americans. There shouldn’t be any “pork” in this bill, never mind 1 Trillion dollars’ worth of it.

Sources: NY Post, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, Blaze Media

Is Trump The Present And Future of The GOP?

Of course, he is. Have you left your house since election day? I don’t know about where you live, but up here in New Hampshire, most everyone who had Trump flag or Trump sign in their yard leading up to the 2020 election, still has that flag flying high or sign showing prominently, 4 months out from election day. I have never seen this before.

According to the Washington Examiner, 87% of Republican voters have a favorable view of Trump. According to the Morning Consult, 54% of Republican voters would vote for Trump in the Primary, which is more than triple the support of his closest competitor in a hypothetical matchup. Although, after the 2020 election, my trust in polling data is at an all-time low. The fact is Trump’s favorability in the GOP voters is not waning. The GOP will be better off when Establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell & Liz Cheney figure it out.

Reasons I believe Trump is still leading the GOP:

The 2nd sham impeachmentjust fired up the base and opened the eyes of some independents. 42% of Republican voters say their support of the 45th President increased after the impeachment hearing. In my opinion, Democrats and Republicans that let this clown show play out and voted to impeach the former president made a grave mistake in terms of their political futures.

The Mainstream Media and Democrats alike, cannot stop talking about Trump. They are desperate to keep him involved in the conversation, even though they hate him. Maybe they still believe that fake outrage and false scandal will quash any bid by Trump 2024 bid to regain the presidency. Maybe they just miss him. Trump’s upcoming speech at CPAC is intoxicating and euphoric to the MSM. They finally have something to talk about. They have a “villain” to report on; something they haven’t had since Biden Took office. God forbid they portray the Biden Administration as anything but saintly. Whatever the reason, they are helping keep his brand alive.

Joe Biden’s first month in office is a huge contrast to Trump’s “America First” policy. In a continuation of his political career to this point, Joe Biden has been wrong on just about everything. From the Keystone Pipeline to the border wall, to China, to Iran, to COVID-19 and schools reopening, to rising gas prices to ruling by executive order. The list goes on and on. Add in the fact that Biden’s cognitive function is declining at a rapid pace. Those once, blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome are starting to figure out that policy is more important than likability.

I believe that this weekend’s highly anticipated CPAC speech by President Trump is going to be the kickoff to his 2024 campaign, though I don’t anticipate he will make a commitment at this time. What he will do is go after Joe Biden, rightfully so. Biden’s first month in office has been a train wreck and Trump will have no problem finding a way to contrast “America First” with Joe Biden’s America Last agenda.

The GOP has shifted. The Republican Party, thanks largely to President Trump, has become the party of the working class, while the Democrat Party is now the party of Big Business, Anti-Law Enforcement, Open Borders, Socialism, Cancel Culture and double standards. The Republican party is the party drawing the most support from lower-class and middle-class families including small business owners, military members, trade workers, factory workers and first responders. These people were forgotten under the Obama Administration, and have now been hung out to dry by Joe Biden. According to an NBC Poll, since 2010, the Republican party has made a 12% increase in blue collar, working class voters, while the Democrat party has seen an 8% decrease. The GOP has also made significant gains in minority support. This is all bad news for the Democrat party.

Am I wrong?

There is no doubt that Trump is the present and future of the Republican Party, even if he doesn’t run in 2024. It’s going to take more candidates like Trump to win the nomination. From the local levels of government to the highest levels of the federal government, it’s going to take candidates who share Trump’s “America First” agenda to keep this party headed in the right direction. These candidates will need guts, principles and the support of President Trump to win.

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